The surrounding area

Le PANORAMIC is located in the Armorique Regional Nature Park which extends across 44 communes. The CROZON peninsula is part of its maritime region.


  • 2 beautiful fine sandy beaches: Trez-Bellec, opposite the campsite, and the smaller Trez-Bihan, which can be reached after a 15 minute walk through the countryside
  • the GR 34 (grandes randonnées – long distance path) follows the old excisemen’s path and winds its way through moorland, heather and pine forests. You will pass through unforgettable scenery which can be enjoyed in the ever-changing light
  • the water sports centre at Trez Bellec beach where you can learn or perfect your skills in several activities, including water sports and outdoor activities

Human Heritage

  • The Roz A Vern Cidery where you can enjoy a tour and taste local produce.
  • Keralait Farm which sells produce direct to the public.

Historic Heritage

Historical Heritage has been developed by the EOST association (Etudes ouvertes sur Telgruc – an organisation which passes on historical, cultural and linguistic heritage)

  • Our windmill : Restoration work on the windmill at Telgruc was completed last summer and inaugurated on 16 July 2016. The EOST association convinced the town hall of this restoration project’s historical and educational significance.

    It is the only windmill on the peninsula which is open to the public. It stands on the hill opposite the campsite and looks out over Trez-Bellec beach.

    You can pay it a visit and learn all about its history, as well as enjoy the exhibition in our restaurant which looks over the windmill.

  • The Elleouet bread oven has also been carefully restored by the Eost association which organised a bread festival in June. The next batch of dough will perhaps come from flour that has been produced in our windmill.
  • The Saint Divy Spring: The only spring on the peninsula that possesses a spirit.  Built in 1577, a Medieval stone sarcophagus was added in the 19th century to act as a place where people suffering with kidney disease could be completely submerged.

    This location became a place for forgiveness and was also a key spot in the life of Telgruc, serving both as somewhere to wash clothes as well as a drinking trough for animals brought there morning and evening.

  • The Pen Ar Run Dolmen
  • Saint Magloire church in the village centre
  • Lanjulitte Chapel

Camping Le Panoramic
Choose a place of departure and a destination

The Crozon


  • Musée des vieux métiers vivants (the Living Museum of Traditional Crafts) in Argol (5 km): explore a living museum where volunteers reproduce the skills of yesteryear: ask questions, look, touch, taste……
  • Musée de l’école rurale en Bretagne (the Brittany Rural School Museum),  in Trégarvan (10 km) : a former village school with lessons, playgrounds, classrooms. Exhibitions and workshops highlighting the unique characteristics of Brittany.
  • Musée de l’ancienne Abbaye de Landévennec (Museum of the Former Landévennec Abbey) (12 km) : an exceptional archaeological site retracing 15 centuries of history. Historic and archaeological garden, kitchen garden, medicinal plants, etc. Events and concerts…..
  • Musée des Minéraux (Mineral Museum) in Saint Hernot, Rue du Cap de la Chèvre. For all those who are curious about nature and who love geology. (12 km). The rocks found on the peninsula are precious as they can tell us all about 600 million years of geological history in Brittany. Discover these treasures when you visit the Museum and its exhibitions. Multiple events for children and adults, audio trails, fun-activity trails, workshops, etc. Also, visits to the remarkable places in the Brittany Water and Rivers Association (E.R.B) which has 27 sites across the peninsula.
  • The Peninsula Fortifications Trail: find out about the defensive legacy which has marked the peninsula from prehistoric times right up to the present day. (150 to 200 fortifications)
  • The Vauban Tower in Camaret is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and faces the Bay of Brest and its military port …….
  • Camaret  is the departure point for launches taking visitors to the ISLES  of Ouessant, Molène, Sein.
  • Visit the  Grottes Marines (sea caves) in Morgat! One of Mother Nature’s masterpieces! You will be able to see the geological evolution of rocks shaped by sea erosion – a colourful trip through time!
  • Explore the peninsula by sea in a sailing or motor boat……and take part in sea fishing trips with experts………..
  • Something for the children:    The Labyrinth in Crozon, Breiz Park  in Crozon, or Océane in Lanvéoc – an educational farm providing opportunities to help look after the animals and enjoy a walk with pack donkeys.

Across the département

  • The Menez Hom which peaks at 330 m and provides a 360° panoramic view across Douarnenez Bay and the Aulne Maritime area spanned by the Terenez Bridge, a majestic, curved suspension bridge which takes you from the peninsula to Le Faou, a little town full of character.
  • The Menez Hom is a well-known spot for hang-gliding and model aircraft flying. The Menez Hom hang-gliding school is able to teach complete beginners and those who are more experienced.
  • Locronan is one of the most beautiful villages in France and is well worth a detour. (20 km)
  • Douarnenez,  located opposite on the other side of the bay, has a Port-musée (Maritime Museum) on the Cap Sizun and Pointe du Raz road.
  • Audierne is the departure point for visiting the Île de Sein.  Don’t forget the Aquashow Aquarium and Bird Show.
  • Quimper and its museums: Musée de la Faïence (Museum of Earthenware), Musée Breton (The Breton Museum), Musée des Beaux-Arts (Fine Art Museum).
  • Brest: OCEANOPOLIS – an ocean discovery park that is unique in Europe,  with the option of setting off from Le Fret by boat to spend the day there. Le Musée de la Marine (Maritime Museum) and AMP (Marine Protected Area), and Le Conservatoire Botanique (botanical garden)

The inland region of Finistère, stretching to the Arrée Mountains, is a landscape of moorland, bogs and rocky crestsa place full of legends. This special mix of mountains, land and sea awaits you in the Armorique Regional Nature Park. The vast natural landscapes, distinctive habitat and special flora and fauna will be a unique experience.

  • Huelgoat, with its confusion of granite, the ‘trembling rock’ and arboretum
  • Sizun: La Maison de la Rivière freshwater discovery centre
  • Domaine de Menez Meur in Hanvec which brings together all breeds of Breton domestic animals
  • Commana: les Moulins de Kerouat (mills)
  • Braspart: the chapel perched on Le Roc’h.
  • Saint Rivoal: La Maison Cornec ecomuseum
  • Le Musée du Loup (the Museum of the Wolf) and the moorlands of Cragou in Cloitre saint Thégonnec
  • Brennilis: La Maison des Castors (Beaver Centre)
  • The Parish Close also provides a tour of: Sizun, Lampaul Guimiliau, Saint Thégonnec, Braspart, Pleyben

Please ask for the programme of events in Armorique Park for the summer season!